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Re: TdF 2019 General Discussion
« on: July 01, 2019, 23:06 »
There's still a lot of work to do for @Cycl_Pronounced, I can see.

What a fabulous project that is.  :cool

I see that it's only been up since May, but have you been keeping this under wraps, or did I just miss the coming out party?

I've been clamoring for this type of thing for YEARS. Especially with all the TV coverage that the TdF gets, and the amount of down-time that so many stages provide, I've always felt that there should be segments offered throughout the race coverage where each team is featured, and every rider gets to pronounce their own name themselves.

That way, each and every rider gets a little bit of camera time (as would their sponsors as well), the audience gains an increased appreciation for all the individuals, and any disputes about name pronunciation gets settled once and for all.

The NFL has been doing this type of thing for years during playoff and Super Bowl coverage. The Offensive Line, the Defensive Line, Running Backs, etc. Four or five players at a time will be featured, each stating their name, the position they play, and which college team they played for. It's not for name clarity specifically, but rather to increase fan-awareness, and to place a name to a face that is otherwise generally obscured by protective gear.

In the case of cycling, the same thing is often true with helmets and sunglasses making it increasingly difficult to know what a rider actually looks like. Add in the international makeup of the peloton, and the names can become an additional barrier to relating to the individual.

I must admit though, even some of the clips in that excellent Twitter tread still leave me scratching my head a bit. Some of the riders pronounce their names to softly, or too quickly.

I find that is true with many sites that offer audio clips of foreign pronunciation of various words. They often don't break them down clearly enough for the uninitiated (and the clips themselves are often cropped in a manner that the very beginning of a word or name is sometimes obscured).

But keep up the good work, Lukas!  :cool
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