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Re: TdF 2019 General Discussion
« on: July 09, 2019, 03:26 »
Well, well, well...

NBC actually ran a spot featuring a clip from Lance's podcast with George.

Now I'm very confused.

Liggett is still there.
Roll is still there.
NBC highlights of year's past completely ignore Armstrong. He's been officially ghosted...

So who is that guy they featured from the podcast?

And how did that go down, exactly?
Did someone from NBC reach out to Armstrong?
Does Lance, or one of his sponsors, still have influence with the powers-that-be?
Is he a part of the history of the sport or not? WTF?!?!

And if they're going to take that step, then when will they share a clip from Floyd's assessment of the race?

This is becoming more absurd by the day. Just restore the record books, put Armstrong's name back in, and get on with it.

As to the content of what Lance and George had to say, I thought it was a very valid, and very interesting, take on Fuglsang's crash. But I didn't gather that from the NBC clip, I had already watched the podcast myself. It's good. It's corny at times, and slightly embarrassing other times, and Lance still is incapable of masking his never-ending disdain for his perceived enemies (the mention of Vaughters being the most recent name to reveal Lance's boiling hatred) but there is still some rare and valuable insight to be had. So as long as it doesn't cost me a dime, I'll watch and learn.

And the daily audio-only podcast offered by the same production company (WEDŪ) with Johan is even better. Stage recaps and predictions for the following day are filled with nothing but enthusiasm for the sport, and and very sincere feel-good vibe. Yeah, I said it. I thoroughly enjoy Bruyneel's perspective and seasoned insight.

Johan was a guest in the booth alongside Sherwen and Liggett during a GT some years ago (which one was that again? His team was kept out of one of the races, so he spent his time as a commentator. Was it during part of the Astana fiasco? I can't recall at the moment.) So if Liggett is still there, and Paul Sherwen (RIP) would've still been there, then why not have Bruyneel back in the booth? He's not banned from television, last time I checked.

Either way, the networks need to make up their minds. Did those years happen, or did they not?

Last time I checked, they did.
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