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Re: TdF 2019 General Discussion
« on: July 09, 2019, 15:50 »
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Either way, the networks need to make up their minds. Did those years happen, or did they not?

Last time I checked, they did.
LOL - I'm enjoying the WEDU stuff from Lance. I've yet to check out the Bruyneel broadcast, but I intend to. It is becoming more apparent how big a role a good tactician in the car can be. Back in the Lance days, there wasn't sufficient transparency through the media, but today we get enough more. I think that the Nicolas Portal's skill has been a major factor in Sky/Ineos success. And Lance said, in the stage 2 podcast I think, that Bruyneel played the same role at USPS/Motorola/etc. AMOF, the way Lance phrased it, he was seeing evidence that many DS weren't doing as good a job as Bruyneel used to, although his prime example was Ineos, for not keeping the team out of the first start position in the TTT. Maybe Portal had other objectives.

Anyway, broadcasters care about audience a heck of a lot more than relations with UCI or WADA. I'm good with "Lance got his come-uppance" - and let's move on. He still knows a lot about tactics, and I, at least, learn from it. As much as I like and admire Roll for his historic role, he's not a great commentator. As much as I like and admire Jens Voigt for his perennial entertainment as the hard man of the peloton, he's not even a good commentator. Flecha does a pretty decent job. My point is, though, that Lance is better than all 3, for insight, and big picture comprehension. IMHO.
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