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(Not sure if should start this here or under MTB - so if admin feels it shouldbe moved, then go for it ...)

Having just had the good news that the employment agreement that I work under has finally been settled and that we're all due for about 2 years worth of back dated adjustment, I figure that it's a good opportunity to replace some bits on bikes.

Considering "The Boss" reckons that the Hope Mini brakes on my MTB are "the biggest blight on biking" - due to the noise that they make - I figure that's a good place to start ... New toys and brownie points in one easy step!! :-)

Aside from the noise - which is largely due to having a 180 disc on the front that never heats up, plus Hope's design of that model disc - I love the Minis. Their modulation and stopping power are gorgeous. So, anything that I replace them with has to score as well on those two scales.

I have ruled out Avid - too many reliability issues amongst people I know - and Formula - gorgeous brakes, but no modulation.

I am however trying to decide between:
Hope Race V2 - gorgeous looking brake, apparently a Mini successor, but pricey since you have to buy discs separately;
Magura MT4 - same tech as the MT6 and MT8 - just different disc adding the weight of a pre-ride pee and keeping about twice that weight worth of $$ in the pocket;
TRP Dash - know nothing about the brakes, but of course TRP has a seriously good history behind it, very well priced

The bit of interweb searching that I've done on these options either hasn't shown any reviews, or has come up with such useful advice as "they're the duck's nuts" or "sick as man!" or even the highly helpful and authoritative "Hope is for losers" ...  ???

So I was wondering if any of the folks out there who have closet MTB tendancies (or even the few brave souls who openly declare their interest in a bit of dirt!) have had any experience with any of these options?

All comments - provided they use more words than the ones I quoted above - are gratefully received.   :)
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