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I don't know why he was taking the inside line so close, especially since no one else did (obviously). However, it was sloppy planning by the organizers as well.
Also, they could (should) have put up the barriers the other way around, with those "U-joints" facing away from the oncoming riders instead of pointing directly at them.

Sometimes, sh*t happens (and it sure did yesterday) - but this detail should go on the check-list for every barriered-off race course in the future.
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    O, yez, oy, yez! For real, I would have to bet he loses #yellow tomorrow, but man oh man - his performance so far? Is JUST LIKE A TDF WINNER! :party

    DQS don't have the climbing strength, but Alaphillipe has proven himself tenacious and capable. And Geo Hincapie pointed out something - some of the smaller teams have tired of the Sky/Ineos dominance - and could lend a helping hand. This has LONG been a possibility - the minor teams cooperating enough to beat Sky/Ineos. But it never gelled. Not a bit. Alaphillipe is pretty popular, tho, yes? Maybe this time.

    The last time I saw minor teams contributing to a GC win by a rider from one of the major teams it benefited Alberto Contador, at the base of the Mortirolo, in the pink jersey. The other cyclists were likely informed that Contador had experienced a technical issue, and they knew that #astana with Aru and Landa was further up the road. It only happened for a short distance, before the start of the very steep Mortirolo gradients (where Contador blitzed past everyone anyway). Apart from that 1 instance I haven´t seen much cooperation involving selfless assistance to another team´s objectives. However, there are plenty of occasions when teams cooperate for common goals. The formation and breakups of such temporary partnerships is what really sets road race tactics apart, it is a defining element of the sport, in my opinion. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

    However, the allliances and conspiracies, that several teams should unite, and one of them sacrifice its objectives, for another team to succeed? In my head it is an urban myth in cyclingfansville.

    For example, I don’t think #groupama for a second considers helping Alaphilippe to win, they are 100% focused on putting Pinot on the podium again. If that involves some cooperation with Quickstep to leave Bernal and Thomas behind, so be it. However, given the way that they ride, it is more likely they will contribute with #ineos to bring Alaphilippe down. Pinot and Thomas have quite similar riding styles on an MTF, relying on their aerobic capacity to asphyxiate the more punchy riders and limit their attacking capacity, before launching attacks themselves on the final slopes.
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    You saw how and where he crashed, right?
    It had nothing to do with any technical trickery.
    Yep. Got it - caught the highlights. Wout's unfortunate error in judgement, compounded, several times, by the barrier placement.
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