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Re: 2020 CQ Game Thread
« on: January 06, 2020, 06:48 »
Hey all! A couple of things:

- first, submission deadline is up but publication deadline is in 16.5 hours from when I write this... in case you just realized with dread that you forgot to submit a team, I reserve the right to accept teams right up until the deadline, seeing as no one will have seen published teams (except that one upthread I guess). So go right ahead. I will also accept last minute changes.

- the time of the submission deadline will be tricky for me, as I'll be in transit (it's 5pm my time in Canada, and I'll be travelling well into the evening). So, I may not confirm changes until the following morning (my time), but if you've sent me something with the proper time stamp it will be accepted.

- that also means I won't be able to preside over the reveal, and won't be able to get the final spreadsheet out to peruse teams/popularity/etc until the following day. Sorry, just bad timing this year. Should be out by evening CET on the 7th.

- I received over 30 teams today so I didn't update the OP with the list because it was hard enough to keep up; basically, I sent everyone a confirmation message so you should have that on PM.

- we are roughly on par with last year in terms of participating teams, maybe a few less. Thanks everyone!
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