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Re: 2020 CQ Game Thread
« on: January 07, 2020, 20:00 »
Okay, here goes:

the full spreadsheet!!!

Includes: 113 teams, popularity sheet, rider popularity table, team popularity table.

Note that on the popularity sheets I just entered names with numbers as names, so 'ruvu' instead of 'ruvu75' or 'Eric' instead of 'Eric10' - in copying popularity this is the time consuming part because dragging the name goes up in number, so just to get this done expediently I didn't manually do that copying (I've got a broken wrist atm too which hampers my computering).

Does not yet include: I haven't updated the 'update' sheets or gotten rid of team pages from previous entrants, so there are some blank pages but the pages linked to on the rankings tab should be all the participants. I'll clean that all up before the season gets too far along.

If I missed any teams (ie you submitted them and don't see them here) or if you thought you got changes in under the wire that aren't reflected, let me know and I can go back through my PM's to check the timestamp. I caught myself on one occasion making changes to a team but the link on the first page went to another team's page (all of which I've since corrected), so I almost copied over another team incorrectly. So I acknowledge these mistakes may still be out there.

Okay, have fun with it!
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