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Re: 2020 CQ Game Thread
« Reply #30 on: January 08, 2020, 08:49 »
a couple of words about my team (ignoring those fairly "obvious" ones, picked 50+ times)

SCHACHMANN Maximilian (1087, 2)
He basically missed half of the season last year, and will win the Ardennes triple + the Olympics.

MERLIER Tim (523, 5)
Same here, just joined Corendon in June and still scored >500 points. Personally I'd say he's is better than guys like van Asbroeck or Planckaert who had 1000+ seasons with a more or less similar calendar.

MOHORIC Matej (512, 14)
Mohoric is always fun to follow, and I'd say especially in the classics there's more to expect from him this year.

ROOSEN Timo (272, 5)
In 2019 Roosen basically missed all his best races due to injury.

ANDERSEN Søren Kragh (268, 43)
Same here, after a good start to the season he had problems in the Tour and fell sick in Eneco (which was supposed to be his highlight of the year). A solid ~500pt should be possible again

CORT NIELSEN Magnus (227, 38)
Cort was actually one of my first picks, but then also one of the first to be scrapped again, as his sprinting speed basically has disappeared and as there are too many similar riders at Ef. Now he is back on, for a reason I don't really know :dizzy

CANOLA Marco (205, 7)
I wanted to have at least one of the new Gazprom recruitments, and I think (if he can motivate himself) from Chernetskiy, Strakhov and him, Canola just has the most potential.

KREUZIGER Roman (204, 6)
Not the rider he once was anymore, but Kreuziger is still strong in the classics (crashed in Fleche this year, so no points in the Ardennes from 2019) and also the Olympics should suit him.

HERMANS Quinten (162, 10)
I really couldn't miss a rider who started his (very limited) program on the road with 3 wins in 3 days in 2019.

MOSCHETTI Matteo (160, 24)
He really surprised me with some very strong showing, and probably would have scored way more without the injury in the 2nd half of the season. The fact that Degenkolb is gone now, shouldn't hurt either.

VAKOC Petr (145, 20)
Vakoc's results in Poland and so on looked promising enough for me to believe, that he will be back at his best again this season.

WÜRTZ SCHMIDT Mads (137, 4)
Würtz has never really delivered in the WT so far, but he really made a step up last year and looked great at times in the Tour and the races afterwards. Not sure about his role at ICA, but he said he'd get his chances to go for success himself.

HAAS Nathan (118, 40)
He'll probably be frustrating to follow for most of the season, but I'd be surprised not to see him in profit by the end of January.

BATTAGLIN Enrico (112, 6)
Bahrain is not really the team I was hoping him to join, but as long as Colbrelli doesn't decide to do the Giro in 2020, he should get his opportunities.

LOBATO DEL VALLE Juan Jose (106, 4)
It can't get any worse, I guess. He should get all backing he needs back home at #euskadi , and on paper, most of those early races in Spain should be pretty good for him.

CELANO Danilo (102, 3)

THWAITES Scott (79, 4)
Van der Poel can't do every race, I guess. Give Thwaites a muddy, cobbled semi-classic at freezing temperatures, and he'll win it.

GENIEZ Alexandre (68, 42)
I don't really know much about his problems in 2019, but if he only needs to get somewhat close to his normal level again to end up with a good profit.

BUSATO Matteo (58, 1)
Busato had some good seasons at #fluo before, Vini Zabu should be bad enough for him to get the leader's role plenty of times, and the team's usual interest in the Coppa Italia (with guys also sprinting for 5th) shouldn't hurt either.

TOUPALIK Adam (34, 3)
First full season on the road for Toupalik. I'd be surprised if he doesn't get a handful of wins

BANASZEK Alan (5, 5)
Same here. Back home in Poland young Alan should deliver strong results in the sprints - and if some Polish 2.1 races turn out to be flat enough for the sprinters to feature in GC, even better.

Popular picks I missed:

SIMMONS Quinn (0, 76)
CAVENDISH Mark (25, 70)
PINOT Thibaut (861, 60)
MOSCON Gianni (424, 57)
ARDILA ORDOÑEZ Andres Camilo (44, 57)
BARDET Romain (734, 54)
BOUHANNI Nacer (276, 52)

apart from Pinot, I never really considered any of those, tbh.
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