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Re: 2020 CQ Game Thread
« Reply #30 on: January 08, 2020, 10:49 »
Thirteen uniques, but that's not good enough to be bottom of the popularity table again.  :(

To be fair the two teams below do only have 25 riders which kinda helps keeping the score down, and one of them will be over budget when the spelling mistake is spotted.

Ignoring those picked by ten or more teams, here are the rest of the team.


Same reasons as search. :P

MARTIN Daniel (4)

At one point I only had one I-SUN rider on the team and it was Cousin Dan. I can't see him scoring massively, but maybe he can get all of his cost back with a little bit of profit.

ARANBURU DEBA Alexander (3)

Not so sure about this pick on reflection. Was probably too swayed by his Vuelta stage 2 performance, but we'll see.


Winner of the Turul Romaniei! Need I say anymore? Well okay, in a team of such low quality as Burgos he should get free-rein almost immediately to ride for himself.

VERVAEKE Louis (3)

It's unlikely he'll ever get back to the form of his Lotto U23 days, but he's better than the results and scores from his previous years.

BAUGNIES Jérôme (3)

He was almost going to be my Continental Dominator selection, but I decided to keep him for myself. Canyon had a good season last year in Europe and that (+ Baugnies himself) might open the door to a few more race invitations.


Same as search. :P

SCHACHMANN Maximilian (2)

Not convinced his scoring will be enhanced massively by riding both the Giro and Vuelta. I would have preferred to see him focusing on week long stage races in addition to the obvious one day events. Still with him being nearly unique it might help the chances of some of us getting mentioned in the weekly updates.

PICCOLI James (2)

399 is too much for his first year at WT. We can but hope for a Woods-esque transformation.

CHERKASOV Nicolay (1)

Nobody else took this gamble then. Once the team knew Vlasov was going to be off, Nicolay got a lot more freedom in the second half of the season and it showed in his points haul. I don't see why he can't better Vlasov's 645 from 2019.

GABBURO Davide (1)

This was my pick for the next Savio rider to step up to the mark. Probably closer in profile to Vendrame than Masnada or Cattaneo. Should do okay in the Italian and French calendar.

SCHELLING Patrick (1)

Probably not going to be too exciting a selection. Needs to accumulate points in the smaller races (ie San Juan) when Hermans and Martin aren't around.

TUREK Daniel (1)

Should be fun to follow Dan when he gets his freedom with the devo team in various .2 races.

BASSETT Stephen (1)

Nearly won the US Nats. Punchy and aggressive. I'm hoping he can show something on the European calendar for Rally.


Got high hopes here. Already has some experience of riding in Europe which is always good. Signed for Giotti Victoria which should see him ride all three Romanian 2.1 races (a rich source of points), Japan, some of the bigger Italian stage races and maybe even Langkawi?

SLEEN Torjus (1)

Was dragging Foss and Leknessund around last year to lots of wins. Foss has left now though and with Sleen ageing out of the U23 bracket, he might not have the same calendar as Leknessund any more. I hope so anyway as he has some talent in his own right.

ÄRM Rait (1)

Vahtra scored big for Tartu last year when they were just a club. Now that they've moved up to CT they should have a better calendar for the next sprint talent in line.

KOOISTRA Marten (1)

He didn't do enough to earn a pro-contract in his final year at SEG, but going to BEAT is a good move. A Budding/Havik-eque year would be nice.

EINHORN Itmar (1)

I think we could see the first (?) male Israeli UCI win outside Israel this year. If Einhorn (or Niv) drops down the devo team for the right .2 race they have it in them to get that important victory.


Me and Scandis don't usually get along in in CQ, but here's another one. Good climber. I was reading that he beat some record of Gregaard's on a climb (of course I can't find the article now).

MILES Carson (1)

Ex-Floyds. Can TT and climb a bit, but still very young. More for interest in the devo team when Turek is off with the main team.

FANCELLU Alessandro (1)

Oi Flo! I thought you said you were handicapping yourself with all your Kometa boys. All I see are ex-Kometa riders on your team. Never mind, I'll represent the current Kometa in 2020 since your faith is lacking ( :P). In all seriousness though he should be one of their main men (after Dina) and should score okay.
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