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Re: 2020 CQ Game Thread
« Reply #30 on: January 08, 2020, 11:19 »
some guys I really wanted but couldn't fit in - so you can expect them to have a massive turnaround :P

KÄMNA Lennard (155, 46)
He looked so strong in the Tour, that it's hard to not see him having his breakthrough this year - but how much freedom will he have in a new team with at least Buchmann, Schachmann, Majka, Konrad and Großschartner with GC ambitions?

KANKOVSKY Alois (122, 0)
6 wins early on in 2019 before breaking his leg in June. He could potentially double that and also the Czech Nationals are fairly flat this year, but no idea how he'll recover from that injury at the age of 36, and it's not like he will score 500 points anyway.

KIRSCH Alex (85, 1)
Always fun to follow, and in his 2nd year at Trek (and with Degenkolb and Felline leaving) he should get more opportunities himself now.

FILOSI Iuri (39, 0)
Back in Italy to lead Bardiani after two sh*t years at Delko. He has the talent to equal his 2017 score (271) I guess, but in the end I was too worried about him being in the mix all the time, but not quite quick enough to really score big.
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