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Re: 2020 CQ Game Thread
« Reply #30 on: January 08, 2020, 18:00 »
Here is my team:

PINOT Thibaut   861
BARDET Romain   734
KWIATKOWSKI Michal   645
LATOUR Pierre   352
DUMOULIN Tom   341
VAN POPPEL Danny   334
BOUHANNI Nacer   276
ANDERSEN Søren Kragh   268
BALLERINI Davide   252
CORT NIELSEN Magnus   227
BARBIER Pierre   213
CANOLA Marco   205
DAINESE Alberto   201
FELLINE Fabio   199
ARU Fabio   194
OOMEN Sam   179
MOSCHETTI Matteo   160
KÄMNA Lennard   155
LONARDI Giovanni   138
LOPEZ PEREZ Juan Pedro   125
HAAS Nathan   118
DILLIER Silvan   101
OLDANI Stefano   90
BAGIOLI Andrea   83
RIES Michel   58
POWER Robert   56
MÄDER Gino   50
INKELAAR Kevin   36
VICHOT Arthur   28
KANTER Max   8
DE BIE Sean   5

I really wanted Mohoric on my team, and he was on it for a long time. Unfortunately in the end I had to sacrifice him to fit in Bardet. I don't really rate Bardet that highly but I can't deny his skill as a bike rider, and after I learned of his schedule I had to get him on my team. To make room for him I also had to get rid of De la Cruz, but that gave me space for Inkelaar.
No unique picks, but I'll elaborate on the rarer picks

GARCIA CORTINA Ivan - 453 points - 10 picks
I had him last year, so I followed his performance in the classics very closely. I think with a bit more experience he can be excellent in those races and he has the speed to get top results. I think this could be his breakout year so I am happy to see he isn't that popular.

VAN POPPEL Danny - 334 points - 22 picks
I would have expected him on more teams - yes, he is a bit expensive but he has shown he can at least double his 2019 score previously, and on Wanty he should be the top sprinter and have a lot of opportunities and an excellent race programme.

BALLERINI Davide - 252 points - 22 picks
I actually wanted him on my team last year, but then he got brutally expensive in the last few weeks of his season. While he won't race much of the Italian one day race calendar, he is on the best possible team to excel in the spring classics. He already showed some promise in 2019, and I only expect him to get better. He's also very fast which is always an advantage and will boost his score in one day races.

BARBIER Pierre - 213 points - 2 picks
Almost unique - I didn't expect him to be so rare. I needed a sprinter for the French calendar and as he's really young and already super fast, I see a lot of potential. Hopefully he will get opportunities and won't be wasted as a leadout for Grosu or Jules.

CANOLA Marco - 205 points - 7 picks
One of my toughest picks. I don't know why he scored so poorly which made me hesitate to pick him. However just looking at his potential, based on 2017/2018, he should be able to at least double his score.

FELLINE Fabio - 199 points - 17 picks
Basically one of the most allround riders in the peloton, if he's feeling good he can deliver everywhere except maybe the highest mountains. This is the third year in a row he's on my team (yes, I also picked him when he was 700 points), I am not sure he can get back to his best level. The viral infection seems to have hit him hard. However, if he can shine on any team it should be Astana.

MOSCHETTI Matteo - 160 points - 24 picks
I picked him last year for pretty much the same price, and with a year of experience on WT level I see no reason to have less faith in him. He actually delivered some great results, but was also unlucky with some crashes and injuries. Hopefully he has better luck this season.

LONARDI Giovanni - 138 points - 2 picks
As always I wanted a sprinter for the Italian and Asian scene, and Lonardi fits in perfectly. He's young, fast, and bound to ride quite a few races in Asia. He should get plenty of opportunities to score.

LOPEZ PEREZ Juan Pedro - 125 points - 5 picks
OLDANI Stefano   - 90 points - 2 picks
RIES Michel - 58 points - 5 picks
INKELAAR Kevin   - 36 points - 9 picks
All these are on my team for the same reason: they are all former Kometa riders (of course Moschetti is one too), which makes it interesting for me to follow and cheer for them. Lopez and Oldani I would normally consider a bit too expensive for neo pro climbers, but we will see what they can deliver.
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