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Re: 2020 CQ Game Thread
« Reply #30 on: January 14, 2020, 15:37 »
Update #1: the asian gets top points from Australia

Well, the teams are in, the Aussie nats are done, and the first week's results are in for some CQ catnip for 113 players who entered the week tied for first. The future is bright for everyone's team right now, but a few teams get the edge in our first tangible results of 2020.

Top 10 on the Week and Overall

Rank   Team   Points
1   the asian   137
2   will10   112
3   dimasotf   107
4   Mayomaniac   90
4   rote_laterne   90
6   Falze   82
7   greenedge   65
7   Marek   65
9   Eric10   60

There are 20 teams tied for 10th at 59 points.

Since no one in the game had the finally-national-champ Cam Meyer and his 100 points, scores were kept relatively low in this initial week. The 3 teams that picked Luke Durbridge got his 90 points, but only one of them added points from another rider (the teams tied for 4th are the other two). the asian had Durbo's 90 point springboard to combine with 47 points from the considerably more popular Nathan Haas (40 teams) to get to the winning total of 137. will10 gets 30 points from Rohan Dennis (3 teams) and 35 from Jay McCarthy (8 teams) to combine with Haas to nab 2nd at 112 points, while dimasotf has 60 from Lucas Hamilton (2 teams) to combine with Haas and gets 107 points.

Obviously no high movers this week as everyone started tied for first; I'll be counting green jersey points this week but the update/weekly/green jersey tabs are still a construction site (I need to update with this year's teams but haven't had time yet, basically). Those will be online for next week; in the meantime, the individual team tabs have been trimmed down to those participating this year, thanks to those who've pointed out spelling errors etc so far, keep them coming if you notice them!

spreadsheet at dropbox
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