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Re: 2020 CQ Game Thread
« Reply #60 on: August 19, 2020, 05:20 »
Update #17: Another 1000 point week, but crashes change the complexion of the game

We are flying getting back in action this season, with some very exciting racing on the last day of the Dauphine, and some pre-TdF drama with racers crashing out or pulling out or having aftereffects of crashes that raise question marks for nearly all the favourites for the Tour (let alone the poor form that seems to exist on the two Ineos British former Tour winners). But for any racing fan, it was one particular crash this weekend that left you with your heart in your throat for about 20 minutes on Saturday. The (almost literally) unbelievable phenom Evenepoel had his season seemingly end on a very scary crash on the descent of the Sormano, and although the severity of what could have happened far overshadows the consequences for this frivolous game, those CQ game consequences are not minor. He was looking to be the most essential pick of the game, and most of the top of the field had him. So obviously, his absence will be felt in this game. Here is hoping for a full recovery and future inspiration and excitement in the CQ game for him.

This Week's Top Scorers

Rank   Team   Points this week
1   BlueRoads   1260
2   DJ Sprtsch   1178
3   sodak_za   981
4   Manafana   957
5   oliveira   913

Some big points again this week. BlueRoads rockets up the standings (more on that below) with a huge 1260 points, and a duo of high scoring rare picks. Dani Martinez (305 points this week) and George Bennett (300) were both picked by 9 teams, and BlueRoads was one of those 9 for both. Padded by good points from more popular picks like Pinot, Dumoulin and an impressive Lennard Kamna, as well as >100 points for a still-rolling-in-the-points Wout Van Aert,  BlueRoads has a hugely top-heavy lineup - aside from those named riders, their team had one rider at 15 points and then a handful at 5 or less on the week, but that was it. DJ Sprtsch nabs 2nd with a pretty incredible in its own right 1178 points, from most of the top riders named above sans Bennett, but plus >100 points from Romain Bardet and Sepp Kuss. sodak_za rounds out the podium by getting almost 1000 points with a very similar lineup to DJ Sprtsch, minus Kuss and a few minor contributors.

This Week's High Movers

Rank   Team   Up/down
1   BlueRoads   (+51)
2   DJ Sprtsch   (+47)
3   oliveira   (+31)
4   flashke   (+27)
5   Gigs_98   (+26)

The top 2 from the previous listing top this one too by a wide margin, both moving up nearly half the table in a single week. Third goes to oliveira, moving up 31 spots on the backs of most of the previously mentioned riders, plus hitting the jackpot with 130 points from Jonas Rickaert, who was picked by 13 teams at a cost of 23 points, which he bettered significantly with a win in Hageland.

Green Jersey Competition

Rank   Team   Total
1   Jakob747   230.7
2   ChrisDK   139
3   EvansIsTheBest   131
4   Hakkie2   122
5   karaev   103.3

ChrisDK nabs 20 points this week for 6th place on the week, which catapults their team into 2nd overall. The rest of the leaderboard stays static.

Top 10 Overall

Rank   Up/down   Team   Points
1   (-)   
2   (-)   Jakob747   4463
3   (+2)   18-Valve. (pithy)   4151
4   (-1)   Hakkie2   3951
5   (+1)   karaev   3933
6   (-2)   western_grebe   3901
7   (-)   hfgon1   3884
8   (+17)   sodak_za   3880
9   (+4)   mineralJ   3829
10   (-1)   Object   3822

EvansIsTheBest maintains their team lead, and in fact gains 80 points on Jakob747. Things did not go quite as hoped for Jakob this week, with his 3 expensive studs getting results from 'pretty good' (Pogacar with 188 points despite an off day in the Dauphine) to 'bad but understandable' (Higuita with an opening day crash that doesn't appear to impede his prospects for the remainder of the season) to 'Remco Evenepoel at Lombardia' (Remco Evenepoel at Lombardia). Still, the two are still quite out front, although of course with 1000 point weeks flying around these days, a 300 point gap isn't much. 18-Valve jumps a couple of spots to round out the podium, and sodak_za catapults into the top 10 alongside mineralJ, while Londonpat and skidmark slide out.

Spreadsheet at dropbox
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