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Re: 2020 CQ Game Thread
« Reply #60 on: September 02, 2020, 02:30 »
Update #19: Nathanptz doubles up as Tour begins

It was in some ways another relatively quiet week, as the points on display weren't enormous. In other ways, though, it was a wild week, coming out of the national championships, having the European championships sandwiched with the Bretagne Classic, and of course the start of the biggest race of all, the TdF. But unlike most opening Tour weekends, there were a number of overlapping events, including the HC/PS Brussels Classic, two normally late-season Italian 1.1 races, the 2.1 Poitou Charentes, and another 1.1 in Belgium. So how did it end up?

This Week's Top Scorers

Rank   Team   Points this week
1   Nathanptz   557
2   Ferminal   520
3   LaFlorecita   488
4   SafeBet   460
5   JPettersen   455

Nathanptz gets a second weekly win in a row! This is usually a pretty rare occurrence in the game, but Nathanptz has become the second team to do it in the last month after bminchow's earlier success. Nathanptz's team was led by 144 points from a very on-form Davide Ballerini, who got 2nd in Brussels, 6th in the Euros after leading out Nizzolo, and 4th in Overijse this week. Also contributing were Ivan Garcia (86 points), Quinn Simmons (76 points) and 66 each from Bouhanni and Eekhoff. Ferminal clears 500 points for second place on the week, largely due to Michael Matthews' win in Plouay (220 points, 3 teams), and supporting points from Ballerini. Flo nabs third thanks largely to the combo of Ballerini, Bouhanni, and Garcia, as well as 80 from a finally resurgent Fabio Felline.

This Week's High Movers

Rank   Team   Up/down
1   Ferminal   (+20)
2   Nathanptz   (+19)
3   LaFlorecita   (+15)
4   flashke   (+13)
4   TheArt   (+13)

The same podium on this ranking, with a reversal at the top as Fermi just outgains Nathanptz, moving up 20 spots on the overall.

This Month's Top Scorers

Rank   Team   Points This Month
1   BlueRoads   2538
2   Nathanptz   2526
3   ChrisDK   2387
4   bminchow   2361
5   Lortnoc   2328

No surprise to see our two aforementioned double weekly winners here in Nathanptz and bminchow, but it's the team that won the week in between their reigns that just takes the monthly title. BlueRoads had a wonderful month, reaping over 2500 points from some savvy rare picks. Primary amongst those was the man of the month, Wout Van Aert, who accumulated 522 points since the restart, a great haul for the 11 teams who believed in his comeback this year. Also performing quite well for BlueRoads was a pair of riders who were only picked by 9 teams, George Bennett (350 points) and Dani Martinez (305), with the more popular Thibaut Pinot (330 points, 60 teams) also clearing 300 on the month. Also netting over 100 points for BlueRoads is the slightly more popular Tom Dumoulin, as well as Lennard Kamna, Andrea Bagioli and Quinn Simmons. Nathanptz appears on yet another leaderboard, with the essential Van Aert and Martinez, but also 284 points from Davide Ballerini (22 teams) and 233 from Nils Eekhoff (18 teams). ChrisDK lands third going a different route than the other two, with only the Dauphine winner Martinez in common. ChrisDK's team was headed by (or, to be more accurate, is almost solely constituted of) rare picks, chief among them 484 points from Alexandr Vlasov (2 teams). Unique pick Florian Senechal (336 points), rare pick Alex Aranburu (3 teams, 229 points), and riders picked by two teams (Pavel Sivakov, Richie Porte, Luka Mezgec) all netted the team more than 135 points.

This Month's High Movers

Rank   Team   Up/down
1   BlueRoads   (+58)
2   Nathanptz   (+55)
3   ChrisDK   (+46)
4   flashke   (+44)
5   Lortnoc   (+40)

The exact same podium here, and 4 of the same top 5, as these teams use the good month to rocket up the standings, with BlueRoads and Nathanptz in particular leaping up about halfway up the table.

Top 10 Overall

Rank   Up/down   Team   Points
1   (-)   
2   (-)   Jakob747   4935
3   (-)   18-Valve. (pithy)   4574
4   (+4)   skidmark   4489
5   (+1)   mineralJ   4411
6   (-1)   Nyssinator   4359
7   (+19)   Nathanptz   4341
8   (-4)   Hakkie2   4336
9   (+7)   bminchow   4329
10   (+9)   JPettersen   4319

Again, no change at the very top as the podium remains identical to last week. EITB and Jakob both finish mid-pack for the week and Jakob gains another 20 points to pull 82 points behind EITB for first. Both maintain a decent lead over the rest of the field. The bottom half of the top 10 is quite close once again, with 40 points separating 6th to 10th. Nathanptz parlays a winning week into a leap into the top 10, and bminchow and JPettersen join in the top 10 entrants, while sodak za, karaev and BlueRoads slide out.

Spreadsheet at dropbox
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