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Re: 2020 CQ Game Thread
« Reply #60 on: September 22, 2020, 06:46 »
Update #22: Yes, This Week Was as Big as You Thought it Was

This week saw not only the end of the biggest race of the year and highest CQ points of the year in the Tour de France, but the normal effect that has on other races - to avoid the Tour's schedule, unless you're counterprogramming like the Tour of Austria or occasionally Poland in an Olympic year - was null and void in the year of covid, and GC points for another top-tier WT race in T-A happened too, as well as a host of one-day Italian races, the 2.1 Tour of Slovakia, and a few one-day races in France and Belgium. So, how did that affect the points totals and standings? The answer is, a whole lot.

This Week's Top Scorers

Rank   Team   Points this week
1   Jakob747   1937
2   Object   1802
3   Nicosix   1785
4   Marek   1773
5   Salvarani   1703

Is 1937 the most points ever in a week? I am not a good enough historian to know off the top of my head, but I think maybe there was one week where someone broke 2000? I really don't know. But there is absolutely crazy strength in depth here - a full on 99 out of 113 teams scored at least 1000 points this week. So although lots of people scored at least 1/7.5 of their team's cost in a single week, your value above replacement level may vary.

One team that was certainly not complaining was the already-in-first-place Jakob747. One of the few teams that took a fairly wild-seeming chance on Pogacar at the start of the year, Jakob has reaped the benefits of beliefs in his young talents, and this week is the pinnacle of that faith. The 833 points from the young Slovenian and his phenomenal ride this week is definitely the highlight, but his selective more popular choices in Simon Yates (289) and Tom Dumoulin (282) really helped pad things too, as well as semi-rare picks like Steimle (158, 24 teams) and Kamna (124, 46 teams) and double stage-winner SKA (102, 43 teams) gaining over 100 points as well.

Object has little to complain about other than not getting first, as their team picked up 1802 points without Pogacar if you can believe it, but as one of the two who believed in Richie Porte (443 points), as well as more usual suspects of Yates, Dumoulin, Kwiatkowski, Andersen, as well as the rarer Sepp Kuss. Nicosix grabs third with an incredible grab-bag of riders including the more common Yates and Dumoulin, but also both main green jersey combatants Sagan (107 points) and Bennett (183 points), comeback kid Uran (203 points), Kelderman (146) and the ninja superdom Damiano Caruso (167, 2 teams).

This Week's High Movers

Rank   Team   Up/down
1   Marek   (+32)
2   Nicosix   (+22)
3   Salvarani   (+19)
4   flashke   (+17)
4   abbulf   (+17)

Well Jakob had absolutely zero spots to move up, so this ranking was going to be different, but Marek takes the prize, leaping up almost a third of the standings with a top loaded team of Pogacar, Yates, Dumoulin and Gaviria. Nicosix is the only double podium finisher, while Salvarani jumps almost 20 spots to take third.

Green Jersey Competition

Rank   Team   Total
1   Jakob747   279.7
2   ChrisDK   192
3   Wallenquist   132
4   EvansIsTheBest   131
5   Hakkie2   122

I mean, there are a good few weeks left in the season that goes into November, but holy crap. Jakob has an almost two-week lead on the next closest competitor in the contest, and for third-place Wallenquist to catch Jakob, their team would have to win 3 weeks to double their score (135 points more to make 267), and then another top placing. Wow, this is like peak Sagan green jersey stuff.

Top 10 Overall

Rank   Up/down   Team   Points
1   (-)   
2   (-)   EvansIsTheBest   6603
3   (+11)   Object   6530
4   (+1)   skidmark   6493
5   (+4)   mineralJ   6430
6   (+4)   Wallenquist   6413
7   (+4)   Londonpat   6378
8   (-1)   Lortnoc   6362
9   (-6)   Nyssinator   6335
10   (-2)   bminchow   6306

Whew! Everything is coming up Jakob. After moving back into first last week, Jakob747 wins the week with one of the biggest weekly totals ever, so their lead balloons to almost 900 points. Literally 3 other teams are within 1000 points. However - Evenepoel's season is done, I'm not sure what Pogacar is doing but normally his season would be over after TdF victory, and Higuita sadly crashed out of the Tour. Jakob has picked wisely in taking Yates and Dumoulin, but the risk-heavy, top-heavy team has its strong weeks and its less strong weeks, and there may be less strong weeks to come. It is a giant cushion, though, and sincere hats off for having it all come together. As someone who plays this game in a pretty calculated way, I admire those willing to take big risks, and Jakob's passion for obscure and developing riders has always been evident, so I am genuinely thrilled to see it paying off. But I'm still counting the points between us with interest! EvansIsTheBest holds on to second, albeit now closer to those behind than those ahead, and Object turns their fantastic week to a huge jump onto the podium. Even with all the hubbub, the only new entrants into the top 10 are Object and Londonpat, while BlueRoads and Nathanptz fall out.

This next week - well, we get a calm week coming down from the Tour, right? No wait, it's the Worlds. This truncated season is thoroughly dizzying.

spreadsheet at dropbox
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