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Re: 2020 CQ Game Thread
« Reply #60 on: October 05, 2020, 23:50 »
Update #24: It's Reeeeeally Close at the Top Now

Despite the cancellation of one stage, the BinkBank Tour offered the full complement of stage race points, which when combined with Liege/Fleche, the start of the Giro, the 2.1 Vuelta a Portugal and a few minor country NCs, led to yet another week where the top teams flirted with 1000 points.

This Week's Top Scorers

Rank   Team   Points this week
1   DJ Sprtsch   1043
2   Mellow Velo   1002
3   BlueRoads   916
4   SafeBet   888
5   triley36   885

Indeed, the top 2 teams do clear the 1000-point barrier, and DJ Sprtsch wins fairly comfortably with 1043. Of course their team was one of the 15 with Hirschi, whose 390 points on the week were enormous, although I'm sure his owners are all asking if he should have gotten even more had that sprint been clean (I'm of a mind from the overhead shot that Pogacar had a good shot at taking it with the speed he was carrying, but I guess we'll never know). Soren Kragh Andersen's 208 points were welcome as well, and the top-heavy team is complemented by 136 from rare pick Mohoric (14 teams) and 138 from the more popular Kwiatkowski (65). Mellow Velo doesn't repeat their (corrected) weekly victory a few weeks ago, but clears 1000 as well, missing Mohoric from the above configuration but closing the gap a little with more riders scoring a few dozen here and there. BlueRoads, last week's winner, keeps up a good streak with 3rd here thanks to Hirschi, Kwiatko, and 160 from unique pick Benoit Cosnefroy.

This Week's High Movers

Rank   Team   Up/down
1   Mellow Velo   (+32)
2   Eric10   (+30)
3   DJ Sprtsch   (+26)
4   armchairclimber   (+17)
4   del1962   (+17)

Mellow Velo comes out tops in this one, leaping an impressive 32 spots. DJ Sprtsch double podiums with a third place, while Eric10 is the newcomer to this ranking after ranking just outside the top 5 in Top Scorers.

Green Jersey Competition

Rank   Team   Total
1   Jakob747   279.7
2   ChrisDK   192
3   BlueRoads   178
4   Nathanptz   151
5   Wallenquist   148

BlueRoads has two great weeks in a row, but it's not enough to overtake the giant lead that the top two have on the rest of the field (and, within that, the huge lead Jakob still has over ChrisDK). No points scored in the top 5 other than BlueRoads.

Top 10 Overall

Rank   Up/down   Team   Points
1   (-)   
2   (+1)   BlueRoads   8142
3   (+1)   Londonpat   7670
4   (+2)   Wallenquist   7669
5   (+3)   Nathanptz   7619
6   (+3)   Object   7600
7   (-2)   bminchow   7527
8   (-1)   Lortnoc   7524
9   (-7)   mineralJ   7499
10   (+4)   SafeBet   7489

Two weeks ago, after the Tour, Jakob's lead was over 800 points; now it is a mere FIVE points!d BlueRoads has closed the gap significantly on this current run, closing the gap by 416 more points this week even with Jakob getting some more points from marquee pick Pogacar. Although the top 2 are in front of the rest of the field by almost 500 points, we've seen how quickly a gap can close, and there are still 2 GTs left and 2 monuments, so even though normally this would be the last major week of the season in October, there's a lot of racing to go. Londonpat edges out Wallenquist by a single point for the last podium spot, and less than 200 points splits 3rd-10th. SafeBet parlays 4th on points this week into a leap into the top 10, while team skidmark slides down to 11th.

This week - the Giro continues, the spring classics continue their backwards crawl, moving out of Liege to Brabantse Pijl to Gent-Wevelgem, while Paris-Tours takes place at its normal time of the season on the same day as G-W. Too bad we lost Amstel Gold, but it's still a great slate leading up to the crazy last few weeks of the season.

spreadsheet at dropbox
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