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Re: The 2021 Auto-Wildcard Race
« on: November 17, 2020, 11:21 »
The competition is over and we know the winner, but there are still questions over the other prizes.

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The future of NTT has been flip-flopping the past month or two and currently it is on a flip (ie. still existing) which would mean one Golden Ticket for Alpecin and the runners-up prize of invitations to all WT 1-day races would go to Arkea. Delko would miss out entirely.

I guess we'll know soon enough what is happening for sure.

If it does stay like that though it will mean the GTs will have two wildcards and only potentially one extra if Alpecin turn down the invite. Now obviously they'll be doing the Tour and normally you'd think they would skip one of the other two at least, but I'm not so sure. We're already seeing races in 2021 being cancelled in advance. Will Alpecin turn down one one of the races with most publicity and most chances of happening?

That would leave Vegni in particular with a massive headache. Things in Spain would appear a bit more straightforward as the Fundacion have lost their best rider and haven't impressed otherwise while Kern have a very young team and might be more content to wait until 2022.
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