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Re: Mens' Transfers and Rumours 2021-22
« Reply #30 on: June 22, 2021, 23:38 »
.....but Hushovd retired several years ago. :P

I consider this a provocation of the third degree  :angry

SO Hushovd has a couple of TdF stages and no de Ronde vin. And a nice rainbow jersey.
Kristoff has 2 monuments including de Ronde, and a few TdF stage wins as well.
In the world championship he is so close to matching Thor that I almost consider it a draw, until Flanders this fall.  :D

I think there are only 3 items left on Kristoff's personal to-do list: the rainbow jersey, Paris-Roubaix and then the RvV one more time. It could also be the RvV one more time, the RvV one more time and then the RvV one more time again as that is his race.

Howver, back to the real world going-ons: Kristoff was injured at the *no national championship after finding that lone bottle released by some other rider with his front wheel. I don't think he is very injured and if the team wanted him to start TdF he would probably do it. The catch is they never told him he was off the team and they never told him why. That sounds very much like leaving #uae and sheik ben redikk for now.

Next destination: pure speculation but #unox has been mentioned. However, to add more pure speculation, if Bennett leaves Quickstep..... and the RvV one more time. Quickstep has a tradition for taking in older riders with a strong track record and make them perform good for a year or two. Think Mørkøv and this year, Cavendish, previously, Gilbert, etc. They also appreciate the best classics riders, and they need more than one good sprinter.

Other possible taker could be #israel Israel start up nation - they are desperately looking for another Froome, but more seriously they have the money to match him with for example Ackerman. With Kristoff for the leadout (?)

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