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Re: Imola 2020 World Road Cycling Championships
« on: September 23, 2020, 05:00 »

The NBC Olympic Channel is covering all four races live!  :cool
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Of course I was still skeptical of this being the case, even though it's posted on the USA Cycling website. But upon further investigation, not only is it already listed in my channel guide, but as of the moment of this post, they're actually replaying last year's World Championships! I'll take that as confirmation of their commitment to race coverage.

It begins with reasonable viewing times for me:

Women's iTT - Thursday, 8:40 am ET
Men's iTT - Friday, 8:25 am ET

But then...

Women's RR - Saturday, 6:45 am ET

Men's RR - Sunday, 4:00 am ET :S
With pre-show beginning at 3:45 am.  :flustered

I'm just happy to have coverage.  Also, it must be a slow month for the Olympic channel because they're offering replays of the races throughout the afternoon and evening as well. :cool

And with excellent weather forecast here through the weekend, I'll be out the door and on the bike each day, with plenty of time to enjoy a beautiful Fall season. Hitting the road with a nice, post-race buzz is always a bonus!

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