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Re: Imola 2020 World Road Cycling Championships
« on: September 23, 2020, 06:01 »
I was super disappointed to find that the Giro Rosa was not actually included in the GCN Pass in Australia ... so all I got was a highlights package the next day (which is better than nothing, but not quite the live racing that I was expecting).

The highlights package was all there was anywhere.

It did cause a bit of a brouhaha. The organizers said in response


“We are fully aware of the importance, we could even say of the need, of live television broadcast of our race. This urgency has been in our thoughts since the first day we planned this year's race and the same live broadcast should have happened,”

“However, the situation that the whole world is experiencing in recent months does not escape anyone. The COVID-19 pandemic has put every possible human activity in check, upsetting the plans of every workplace. Added to this is a great difficulty, known to all insiders, to find space in the television schedules. For this reason, with deep regret, we are unable to ensure the live television of the race.

“Having to choose, we have decided to protect the women's cycling movement and give up on live coverage; allowing the women to compete, which they absolutely need, especially in light of the many other canceled races.

“We can only repeat that we regret the decision but we are also certain and proud to have acted exclusively in the interest of the cycling movement.”
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