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Giro 2020 - Stage 7: Matera – Brindisi 143 km
« on: October 08, 2020, 17:37 »
Giro 2020 - Stage 7: Matera – Brindisi 143 km

The 7th stage is one of the reasons why all those sprinters show up at the Giro. The 143 kilometres route from Matera to Brindisi is as flat as can be. The route traverses the foot of the Italian boot from west to east.

The stage is very short and on straight and wide roads, with the two intermediate sprints quite close together in the middle of the stage, in Taranto and Grottaglie.
The famous Via Appia has been traveling from Rome to Brindisi for thousands of years.
So the is a perfect opportunity for the pure sprinters to have it their way. Unless… crosswinds change the race into a battle for position, we should expect the fastest finishers in the peloton to arrive with fresh legs in Bridisi. Normally, pure speed will be the crucial factor in the 7th stage of the Giro d’Italia.

The home straight is 1.2 km long.

 As the opening line states, this should be one for the sprints, except things may not turn out to be a straightforward as the parcour suggests.
Both tomorrow's forecast wind speed and direction screams echelons along the whole, run for home stretch.
What this space, as they say.

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    Having seen today's finish, this should be an easy win for #ciclamino #champfr Démare.

    Should ... :shh
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    he looks like the quickest, yeah, and probably also has the best team for potential crosswind action (many big guys, no GC contender they need to protect). But has he ever won a flat bunch sprint?
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