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Giro 2020 - Stage 8: Giovinazzo – Vieste 200 km
« on: October 09, 2020, 17:27 »
Giro 2020 - Stage 8: Giovinazzo – Vieste 200 km

Mostly running along the Adriatic coast, the 9th stage of the Giro d'Italia serves a 200 kilometres route from Giovinazzo to Vieste. From Giovinazzo the riders will go north, following the coastline for 90 km towards the first intermediate sprint in Manfredonia. There, they will enter the Gargano peninsula.

Flat roads in the first half lead onto a more hilly profile in the second half. A local circuit with a double digit ramp with 10 kilometres out serves as finale. Once the riders reach the finishing town of Vieste they will enter a 15 km circuit to be repeated twice.

The Monte Sant’Angelo is the first obstacle, which is an ascent of 8.7 kilometres with an average gradient of 6.6%.

A gradual descent of almost 20 kilometres leads back to the coast and until the Coppa Santa Tecla appears the road goes either up or down. The Coppa Santa Tecla slopes 3 kilometres at 6% before it flattens out. The summit is crested with almost 50 kilometres remaining.
After the descent, the next little climb is categorized, La Guardiola (GPM4, 1.4 km at 5.6%).

Just after moving through Vieste for the first time, the Giro turns inland again to tackle a 14.5 kilometres loop which features a sharp climb on the Via Saragat – 1 kilometre long and with ramps up to 17%. It tops out at 10 km to go, mostly descending false flats.

There are two intermediate sprints – at kilometre 90.3 and kilometre 185.5.

The breakaway could be successful, although other viable options are a late attack or a sprint of a reduced peloton or select group. In other words, pretty much any scenario the average follower of road racing can think of, but whoever wins will get today's big prize to takeaway.

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