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Giro 2020 - Stage 12: Cesenatico – Cesenatico 204 km
« on: October 14, 2020, 20:54 »
Stage 12: Cesenatico – Cesenatico 204 km

The 12th stage of the Giro d'Italia takes place in and around Cesenatico on the Adriatic coast. The hilly route amounts to 204 kilometres.
The 12th stage honours the Nove Colli Gran Fondo. The world’s first Gran Fondo celebrates its 50th edition in 2020. It will be an out-and-back race in Cesenatico with an elevation gain of roughly 3,800 metres.

The route consists of a loop in which the riders tackle the Ciola, Barbatto, Perticarra, Madonna di Pugliano and Passo del Sieppi. Those last two ascents are located close to micro-state San Marino, where Primoz Roglic won last year’s hilly time trial.

The first hill of the day, Polenta (9.8 km at 2.8%) comes after 26 km of flat and it is uncategorized.
After approximately 20kms of mostly flat roads, the riders are then faced with a series of 8 climbs.
The first, San Matteo (4.3 km at 6.3%) is also uncategorized.
It is followed by the first GPM of the day, Ciola (GPM4, 6 km at 6.4%). The descent is narrow and quite technical at the bottom, and it connects with the fourth hill, Barbotto (GPM3, 4.5 km at 8.4%). This climb features a really steep final section, and at the top there is a descending false flat on relatively wide roads.
The fifth hill, Montetiffi (1.8 km at 9.8%), is again uncategorized, and after a quick descent the riders will hit the sixth hill, Perticara (GPM3, 8.1 km at 4.7%). A very twisty descent will then bring everyone to the seventh hill and highest point of the stage, Madonna di Pugliano (GPM3, 9.1 km at 5.5%).   Its descent is fast and fairly easy, and ends at the foot of the uncategorized eighth hill, Passo delle Siepi (5.2 km at 3.7%). After another descent and the peloton will find the ninth and last climb of the day. S.Giovanni in Galilea (GPM4, 4.4 km at 6.3%), but its last 900m is at 9.6%.
The last 30kms consists of half an easy descent and half as pan flat to get back to the Adriatic coast.

The two intermediate sprints are at kilometre 130.4 and 189.2.


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    could be a really great stage again. #ccc Attila Valter said, that due to the uncertainties of the race going to the end or not, he expects every stage to be races like the final one now. Let's hope many teams think the same, and preferably for the next 10 days ;)
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