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Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
« Reply #30 on: February 23, 2021, 05:13 »
Update #4: So Var So Good

It was (hopefully!) the quietest week we'll have in quite awhile here at the CQ game, with the 3-day 2.1 Tour du Var taking centre stage, plus a stage of UAE Tour that happened before the update as well. So after the excitement and scramble to get on the starting lists on the early season races, we can take a breath and assess the first part of our respective teams' seasons before the top-level races start happening fast and furious, starting with this weekend. The start of the season was rocky with the covid changes, but we've tentatively made it through the races that survived the first round of cancellations.

This Week's Top Scorers

Rank   Team   Points this week
1   Devils_Elbow   220
2   adamski101   199
3   trackstand   196
4   Nicosix   182
5   EvansIsTheBest   180

Only one team breaking 200 points this week, and it's Devils Elbow! Congratulations. As nobody had Brambilla and only 3 teams had Rusty Woods, Devils Elbow's team is driven by 102 points from Bauke Mollema (33 teams) for third place (+ stage placings), and 48 from David Gaudu (19 teams). But actually it seems like what's put their team over the top was the inclusion of Monday's UAE TT stage in the CQ ranking, getting 30 points from Bissegger (18 points) and Bjerg (12) there. adamski101 would've taken the week without that stage's inclusion, with a spread-out haul from Ben O'Connor (55 points, 5 teams), Gaudu, Valentin Madouas (45, 4) and MvdP (39, 9). Team trackstand takes the third spot.

This Week's High Movers

Rank   Team   Up/down
1   Devils_Elbow   (+26)
2   Nakazar   (+20)
3   adamski101   (+18)
4   EvansIsTheBest   (+16)
5   Yellow Knight   (+15)

Devils Elbow doubles up here, jumping a modest (compared to the volatile first few weeks) 26 spots in the standings. Nakazar is a newcomer on this ranking, while adamski101 gets a second podium of the week.

Green Jersey Competition

Rank   Team   Total
1   Hugo Koblet   106.67
2   Boris98   62.67
3   Jon_Ezeitza   62
4   LaFlorecita   55
5   Crevaison   51

No change from last week, no scoring from the top 5. Devils Elbow gets 7th overall with 45 points for the weekly win.

Top 10 Overall

Rank   Up/down   Team   Points
1   (-)   
Hugo Koblet
2   (+1)   Northerner   998
3   (-1)   LaFlorecita   977
4   (-)   Object   966
5   (+1)   rote_laterne   906
6   (+2)   manafana   879
7   (+2)   Jon_Ezeitza   858
8   (-3)   Hakkie2   848
9   (+2)   R_O_Shipman   808
9   (+4)   skidmark   808

Hugo Koblet holds onto the top spot again this week despite scoring only 35 points; no other top 10 teams cleared 130 so not much ground was made up. Northerner and LaFlorecita switch places on the podium, while lower down, R_O_Shipman and skidmark enter the top 10, and Crevaison and Boris98 tumble out.

This week... *deep breath*... it's OPENING WEEKEND! The first WT race of the season, the UAE Tour, is not to be overlooked, there are a couple of fun mountains even though the GC race was drastically thinned on the first day. But as that winds up, we get the hallowed double of Het Nieuwsblad and KBK in Belgium, and the "nobody pays attention to these races but they give out some decent CQ points" undercard of two .Pro races in France.

The 'real' opening of the European season ushers in the flurry of classic races (and capital-C Classics) coming in the month ahead. Let's see some racing!

Spreadsheet at dropbox
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