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Re: 2021 CQ Game Thread
« Reply #60 on: June 23, 2021, 20:17 »
Update #21: Nationals are kind to Koronin as leaders pass 10,000 points

With the Dauphine and Tour du Suisse wrapped up, and most national championships happening in the last week, we are decisively turning to Tour season. Nationals week is always an eclectic mix in the CQ game, with so many riders and so many points on offer at once, it often comes down to who has a few high scoring rare riders and the best mix in all. Let's see how it went down.

This Week's Top Scorers

Rank   Team   Points this week
1   Koronin   795
2   Bonimenier   756
3   tom_jelte   687
4   Jon_Ezeitza   678
5   tobydawq   670

Koronin has the most unique team in the competition this year (check out the "Rank Popularity" tab on the sheet) and it pays off this week, as their team gets a weekly win! This is driven by two riders winning NC1 races and the 140 points that come with it, Remi Cavagna in France (3 teams) and Sonny Colbrelli in Italy (18 teams). Add to this 70 points from Matthias Norsgaard (5 teams), 60 each from unique picks Jonas Koch and Jesus Herrada, and several more rare picks scoring handfuls here and there, and it translates to first place! Bonimenier is the only team that comes close, with Colbrelli also leading the charge but support coming from 114 points from Remco Evenepoel (who has scored 336 in the last two weeks, blunting the Giro disappointment a bit more) and several riders scoring 40-70 points. One rider on Bonimenier's roster to look out for is Tom Dumoulin, who was only included on 4 teams after he put his career on hold, but had 50 this week and is now starting to look a bit like his old self. tom-jelte nabs third place, with another NC1 winner in Wout Van Aert leading the way and Remco included as well.

This Week's High Movers

Rank   Team   Up/down
1   Jon_Ezeitza   (+11)
2   tobydawq   (+8)
2   skidmark   (+8)
2   Bonimenier   (+8)
5   Salvarani   (+6)
5   Galpedal   (+6)
5   the asian   (+6)

As the season goes on, the fluctuations in the standings get smaller, and as such Jon Ezeitza is the only team to move up double digits this week. tobydawq, skidmark and Bonimenier tie for second by moving up 8, and all of the podium teams are similarly led in points by Colbrelli and Evenepoel.

Green Jersey Competition

Rank   Team   Total
1   Hugo Koblet   198.67
2   Otoxiep87   190
3   Boris98   168.67
4   Jon_Ezeitza   146
4   postmanhat   146

Some movement on this chart this week - postmanhat was in 5th last week and scored 20 points to skip over Hakkie2, whereas Jon Ezeitza was 6th last week and scored 26 points, the result of which is that both teams are now tied for 4th. Neither are within 45 points of Hugo Koblet in the lead, however, and none of the top 3 have closed the gap.

Top 10 Overall

Rank   Up/down   Team   Points
1   (-)   
Total Package
2   (-)   Object   10259
3   (-)   Squire   10231
4   (-)   Northerner   10030
5   (-)   Boris98   9981
6   (-)   Otoxiep87   9973
7   (-)   Armchair cyclist   9837
8   (+8)   Bonimenier   9795
9   (+3)   postmanhat   9752
10   (-)   Fivezzz   9720

No changes at the very top this week, as the top 7 all finished within 150 points of each other and therefore didn't flip spots. There were some leaps further down, as Bonimenier and postmanhat jumped into the top 10, while Hugo Koblet (after a long time in the top 10) and MADRAZO fall out for now.

This week sees the start of the biggest bike race in the world, but in CQ terms it is actually one of the quietest weeks of the calendar. With all eyes on the Tour, the rest of the calendar mostly clears out, with two 1.1 races and the first two stages of the Tour the only .1 or higher points on offer this week.

Spreadsheet at dropbox
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