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Re: 2021-23 Emerging Riders CQ Game
« on: February 01, 2021, 19:48 »
In this game I developed a rule, that is to only sign riders with a pro contract in a team with good calendar (wich could be for next year as Vandenabeele for example). Why? Because no matter how good you are, you're only going to score big goals when you get to play in the big leagues. I make some exceptions with riders I'm pretty confident will get soon a WT contract (like Brenner last year) and/or with riders I see as massive talents (as Sheffield this year).

I learned the lesson picking too early riders that underscored mostly because they were at low level races or because were not ready yet (example: taking Vacek when he was just out of junior category, switching him for Higuita at the last second  :-x).


Anyway, that's why Plapp show in this year reduced Down Under doesn't change the things. I'm following him since 2018, but until he get a contract I won't consider him. Same issues for example with Walls, who I take this year and not last year because of WT contract. I like to be able to finally make in my team a spot for riders I've been following for a long time, like for example this year Simon Carr. Usually I take them when they're almost zero pointers to complete my team in a very good game that is in the spanish forum Parlamento named "CQ Ranking" and I become kind of a fan and follow their progress next years. I recomend you that game if you want to try a new one and you're not afraid to be bidding for riders and trashtaling in spanish  :D


I'm writing too much, I know... Just to end it, I wanna add that the rider I've been tempted to add to my team in the last moment is Umba, who was impressive in Táchira as a 1st year u23. Savio knows... But last editions, last minute changes didn't treat me well, so this time I decided to not touch the team.
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