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Re: 2021 Smaller Race Results and Discussion
« Reply #30 on: September 26, 2021, 18:37 »
Incredible drama at the end.

Going into the last few km (on a nice little circuit) the GC could have gone to Delaplace (6th at 11s) or Le Ny (4th at 9s) who were in a late break, or somebody ahead of them in the GC back in the peloton.

It'll be easier for you watch the finale rather than me describe it, but it looked curtains for Le Ny when he suffered a mech/crash going through the town in the last km. Delaplace missed out on bonuses (the other breakaway guys were non-GC threats and had been sitting on), but the peloton were just too slow.

Delaplace the winner? That's what Direct Velo initially told us, but then they said the 3km rule was applied and Le Ny had won.

Tbh it looked like Le Ny had almost been dropped from the break when he suffered his trouble though I could be wrong, and why was the finish not a designated climb? It had been on an earlier lap.

If he has won, it's a feather in the cap for the amateur team (beating PCT and CT outfits) and it's not like he did zero work in those last few laps, he was at the front of the break for most of it with only a little help from Voissard and then Delaplace.
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