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Re: 2021 Smaller Race Results and Discussion
« Reply #30 on: September 26, 2021, 21:32 »
In the shadow of what was happening north of the border, there was a race from Paris to Chauny today. The startlist was surprisingly good with an impressive selection of riders that for various reasons weren´t selected for the national team. Looking at the previous results this race has actually really Improved in quality over the past few years. Like a certain other race with Paris in the name it starts in Compiegne, but the parcours seem to criss cross the area near Compiegne instead of moving further north. This means more short hills in and out of old, often dry,  river-valleys and not ever-flat terrain as it is towards Roubaix.

I was wondering why this race has picked up so much in quality, maybe the answer is St Gobain? The race passes through the ville of St Gobain itself, and the St Gobain company has one of its headquarters near Compiegne. It is a very large industrial corporation that produces a lot of stuff sometimes sold without using the st Gobain name itself, and sometimes with St Gobain in the name.  Looking only at the construction industry part of the company they own some 20-30 brands I have heard of and some of those are sponsors of cycling themselves. An interesting partner, an up and coming race on the calendar?

Anyway, this year´s edition was won by Jasper «Disaster» Philipsen #fenix - it is his 4th win in a row now. He really seems to be on a roll now. Wonder what his role will be in that next race starting in Compiegne? At least it must be allowed to question if MvDP in current shape is very much better….

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