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Re: 2021 Smaller Race Results and Discussion
« Reply #30 on: October 06, 2021, 20:11 »
I still don't get why they are planning to move the Milano-Torino race to spring. It is perfect among the other northern Italian one day races culminating in Il Lombardia on the Saturday (which should be Sunday, but leave that discussion aside just now, T-72).

This years edition featured the very seldom interruption of any procession of cyclists across the Po Plain by crosswinds. I think it only happens once in a decade, all races combined. I have no idea how many weather forecasts I have checked and come up with 1-2 m/s blowing any which direction is completely unlikely to impact the race.

Adam Yates and the rest of the #ineos crew was caught in group 2, missing the split on the flatlands, and that may have been what eventually made the day for #jumbo Jumbo-Visma as Roglic was in the first group (even doing some work) with teammates Tobias Foss and a new german dude from the J-V talent factory.

Adam Yates had to catch the front group on the first climb up the Superga (I admit falling asleep at this crucial point in the race :-x ). On the second lap, #uae Majka attacked with #quickstep Alaphilippe following. I thought Alaphilippe would just disappear up the hillside but it appeared he was on team duty and just faking an attack to somehow help his teammate, João Almeida.

The rest of the climb went like this: Yates attacked, Roglic followed, Yates attacked, Roglic followed, Yates attacked, Roglic counterattacked and won. That was maybe the price Yates had to pay for not making the split and having to catch group 1? I could also have written something about the stuggle between Pogi and Almeida , but I am going to cancel that and ask a random question - has anybody seen Almeida declare somewhere that Froome is his big idol? I think his pedaling style more and more resembles the new gregario de luxo a little bit further down the hill.  The same leaning over the bars (not sure he was looking at a wattmeter) with slightly bent elbows, and the style of not following the attacks but closing the gaps a little-by-little while pedaløing approx 200 rpm. In that case, why go with the sheiks on the other side of Arabia, he should have the perfect mentor and more GC opportunities with the start up nation :-x

Anyway, I think the Milano-Torino is perfect wednesday after work entertainment, and perfect precursor to Il Lombardia. Don't take it to spring!

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