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Re: 2021 Spring Classics CQ Game
« on: April 03, 2021, 19:39 »
Race 15: GP Indurain
I was right, there were only three riders selected for the game in the race, but they all finished in the top ten.

Lutsenko's second place earns 78 points, and 65 green points, for Del1962 and DJSprtsch; Neilands came  6th, getting 46 (35 green) for ChrisDK, and De Plus finished 10th, scoring 24 for Triley36 (25 green points).  Everyone else gets 2 green points, because that's the way it works.

In the green classification ChrisDK breaks the tie with Josedin, and moves into a 33 point lead, DJS and Del each move up 5 places, to 5th and 13th respectively, and Triley moves up one spot.

In the main overall, Chris moves up one spot to 6th, DJS up 3 to 8th, Triley up one spot and Del up two.

Tomorrow's update should take longer, and make the tables worthwhile.  For the 4 people who might be bothered to see today's data, the tables are in the usual place.

And according to the principle that I put in the opening post, with 15 races having been staged, I will not be re-opening the game for any events postponed to the autumn, which means that the game finishes in Liege.
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