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Re: Connect the Dots - Transfer Predictions 2021/22
« on: April 17, 2021, 14:40 »
I don't know what goes on behind the closed doors of a Belgian PCT team or why exactly they seem to have been overtaken in recent years by other outfits, but I think you're being a bit harsh on them.

It could very well be that outdated training techniques ("This is what we did in my day and worked for me, so you're doing the same") are part of the problem, but that could be linked to budget and none of these teams are that well off and have to cut their cloth accordingly.

My thought is that they just are no longer getting the good raw materials to turn into the gems of the future. Talent identification of the big teams are targeting younger and younger riders especially in these major cycling canteras (Uijtdebroeks has signed for Bora in 2022 even though he is still a junior) and these days if you're good enough, you're old enough. There is less of a need for a PCT stepping stone, and maybe if you are a slightly slower developer, there's always U23 devo teams (linked or otherwise) with good calendars.

Anyway I think #bingoal and #vlaanderen are doing okay (relatively).
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