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Re: Team Sponsorship 21/22
« on: August 05, 2021, 20:54 »
North American tech companies, no, tech companies in general are the mayflies of sport sponsorship. They are created with lots of startup cash from rich shareholders (predominantly investment funds), and think that a sports sponsorship would be a nice way to make people familiar with their company. Then comes the troubled cashflow phase, caused by delays in bringing products to market, a competitor that suddenly comes up with a much brighter idea and leaves the company´s main product in the doldrums with very limited sales.  The shareholders start dropping their shares at a discount rate. The chief financial officer shouts «we have to improve our cashflow» but they have no income, they can only cut expenses. The financial controllers start browsing through their records. «What is this?» they ask «10 million Euros for a cycling team?» which team? What? Never heard of us selling something in Khasakstan!

«Cut the expenses now, or our bonuses for this year will not be paid!»

«Sponsorship» «delete»

Which tech companies with short sponsor record can you remember? I will start:
- Belkin
- Splunk
- Premier Tech
- ???

Possible exceptions:
- Movistar
- Visma

By comparison, the construction-related business that this sport is full of seems to carry on for years and years.
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