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Re: Flanders 2021 World Road Cycling Championships
« on: September 21, 2021, 15:42 »
Does that mean there might be some first-hand L'arri pics on the way?   :)
Hope you're well!  :cool

He'll be too busy quaffing champagne, eating his frites and mayo off a silver platter and hobnobbing with the local bigwigs in the VIP area for taking pictures.


Unfortunately - and I think it is "unfortunately" - this time it's going to be more like Leadbelly says. I think we will be out on the course in one of those big marquee things like you see at the top of the Kwaremont during the Ronde, so it will be a little race action and a lot of sitting around.

At the Tour you could stand around near the riders, watch them do their interviews and shake a few hands but this one's a bit more corporate.

Nice to see it all kicking off around the area though. Signs everywhere about the road closures, lots of local events.

I was downtown yesterday lunchtime and Rachel Neylan was in our local coffee shop. It was the shiny Factor bike parked outside that caught my eye first. That's not a brand you see around these parts. Neylan herself looked a bit tired though, as the pros often do by this time of year.

Wonder what happened with her joining Parkhotel Valkenburg mid-season but I was too polite to be that weird masked guy interrupting her peace just to ask a daft question!
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