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Re: 2022 Smaller Race Results and Discussion
« on: February 01, 2022, 22:11 »
And on to the Saudi Tour, not the first real race of the season, not the first warm-up race of the season either. However, the weather looked quite warm there. I discovered that was because the first race I try to watch every season actually starts (insert location name from race host) "Winter Park"?? Obviously not a place for bike racing in February. The truth is, it always starts in TV transmission hell. Nothing to complaion about, that's a warm and cozy perfect place for a warm up race.

I don't watch "linear TV" anymore and turned on discovery+ streaming service at this late hour. I had to re-login cause it was a new version of discovery+ (which replaced eurosport player here last year). I had forgotten  my password... sigh. Entering e-mail adress and password using an Apple TV remote control. Sigh, Sigh, Sigh. In the background someone with an entirely flamig red skin, horns and a remarkable similarity to Lance Armstrong pretends to be putting out the fire, but he's not using water. That's gasoline. New password must contain...etc

Finally I am logged in and on the sports pages I am able to locate the Saudi Tour and start it. Ten seconds and I need to re-authorize this with the AppleTV app. I ask the Lance-like red devil behind me to put the equivalent of a full day's production of oil from the Saudi oil fields on the Apple facilities and make sure it burns all the way down this time.

I breath a sigh of relief as the coverage starts. There's a road. It is set up for for racing with bikes. In the background there is a beautiful rock wall. I see layers of various thickness, probably sandstone. I measure these kind of things for a living, isn't this supposed to be my spare time? Lancelike the devil puts more gasoline on the fire. I notice the race timer in the upper corner of the screen says it is 4 hours and something ....wait .... into the stage already? Then this must be the finish line?

Within a minute or to a lot of guys on bike appear. Most of them wear bright colored jerseys. The #lotto Caleb Ewan appears, and does the stuff he is good at. The others are not so good and end up behind him.

All this struggle with logins and privacy statements and all that was for less than a minute of actual racing. TV transmission hell is a great warm-up, isn't it? So it began:

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